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Three Best MLK Jr Books for Kids of All Ages 2023

How do you tell young kids the story of Martin Luther King Jr. and his impact on civil rights in this nation? These three books are a great way to start.

Goji Team
Date Posted
January 16, 2023

A board book for babies

Blue book cover with an illustration of MLK JR. in a suit and tie
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For babies and toddlers (0 - 3)

Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.?: A Who Was? Board Book

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Engaging storytelling for little kids

Blue book cover with MLK Jr. illustration in which he is standing at a podium
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For little kids (4 - 6)

Martin Luther King Jr. (Little People, BIG DREAMS, VOLUME 33)

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Inspiring call-to-action for big kids

Cover of Book showing Black children marching with protest signs behind them
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For big kids (7 - 10)

Let the Children March

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