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News for Parents - Weekend of Feb 16

Here are the news stories every parent needs to know this week.

Goji Team
Date Posted
February 16, 2023
  • NJ restaurant bans kids under 10 - Nettie’s House of Spaghetti announced the ban recently, citing noise and mess. We’d completely understand if the name of the restaurant didn’t sound like a kid’s fantasy land.
  • Child care costs have skyrocketed over the last two years - Last year's national average babysitting rate grew to $22.68 an hour for one child, $25.37 an hour for two and $27.70 an hour for three. Caused by a pricey cocktail of declining cheap labor, parents going back to work, and the higher rates attracting former teachers and other professionals who understandably charge more for their expertise.
  • Access to greenspace impacts birth weight - a study of Norwegian mothers showed that mothers with access to parks, gardens, paths, and other greenspaces were more likely to have babies with healthy birth weights.

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