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News for Parents - Weekend of Feb 2

Here are the news stories every parent needs to know this week.

Goji Team
Date Posted
February 2, 2023
  • New York is banning laundry detergents containing high levels of human carcinogen - the chemical byproduct, 1,4-Dioxane is present in popular detergents. Arm & Hammer Clean Burst, Tide Original, Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin Free & Clear, and Gain Original + Aroma Boost would all be banned if they aren’t reformulated. Crunchy moms tried to tell us to wash our clothes in just wind and water, but did we listen?!
  • The pandemic upgraded dads! - recent data from the UK showed dads spent 65% of the time working mothers do on childcare in 2022, a jump from 54% in 2015. Great improvement, dads, but you’ve still got work to do. Do better.

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