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It’s Time to Set Up Frequent Flyer Accounts for Your Kids

It's easy and totally worth it to set up frequent flyer miles that earn rewards and don't expire for all your kids, even the babies.

Goji Team
Date Posted
January 11, 2023

Tell me - what do you like most about flying with your kids? Haha, we get it. If you’re like us, the day your toddler turned two and required their own seat on a flight was a dark one for your bank account. 

But there’s a silver lining to the chaos of flying with kids. We just found out (on TikTok university, let’s be real) that you can get each of your kids frequent flyer accounts and they can start earning miles and points that don’t expire. 

You can set up the accounts with every major U.S. airline as soon as baby’s born, but your child only earns points when you buy them their own seat. Many foreign carriers also allow accounts for children, and British Airways even offers a “Household Account” option that lets family members combine points.

Even if your child doesn’t travel often, it’s still worth it because most U.S. airlines no longer have expiration dates for miles. American Airlines still does, but it doesn’t apply to anyone under 21. Delta, JetBlue, Southwest and United have no expiration dates at all. Alaska is unique in that you’ll have to actually call their customer service line (1-800-252-7522) to set up an account for a child under 13.

The only annoying part is that you’ll need to set up an email account for your child. This can be tricky because companies need to protect children’s data. But you can either use Google Family Link or create a variation of your own email address as a quick workaround that’ll forward all emails for that new address to your current email account. You just add a “+” to the first portion of your email address and add your child’s name (for example, if your email address is jane@gmail.com, then you would use jane+littlejohnny@gmail.com).

Ready to set those accounts up? Definitely much easier to do this before you book a trip!

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